About Kaitlyn. Registered Dietitian and coffee-lover here to give you quick & simple recipes, workouts, and nutrition tips. Making healthy easy. By Kaitlyn @ SimplifyingNutrition.

Hey there, my name is Kaitlyn. I am a Registered Dietitian (RD) and have my Master’s in Dietetics. You could say I like nutrition.

During the day, I work at WIC (Supplemental Program for Women, Infants, and Children) as a nutrition counselor to help parents make healthy changes for their family. I love that I get to help kids create healthy habits at such a young age.

I get to come home to my wonderful husband, Alex, and our crazy kittens, Lily and Peanut.

I know that one of the BIGGEST struggles with being healthier is time.

So I’m going to do all the hard, time-consuming work and provide you with simple & quick recipes, workouts, and nutrition tips so that healthy becomes easy and automatic.

Simplifying Nutrition is all about making it simple for you to be healthy. I believe in making small healthy changes, which may initially seem meaningless, but overtime will make a significant impact on your health.

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