3 Reasons Why You’ve Hit a Weight Loss Plateau

Working hard to lose weight and then it just STOPS...check out the three most common reasons why you're weight loss has hit a plateau.

We’ve all been there…you’re eating healthy, being good about portion sizes, working out, and the weight is sliding off and your clothes are getting more and more comfortable.

But then it stops.

So you start cutting back more, making your portions even smaller. And you spend extra time at the gym, wearing yourself out.

And the scale just won’t budge.

So you’re left…frustrated? Helpless? Hangry?

I totally understand. The weight loss plateau sucks. (I mean dieting itself sucks, and then when you’re not even losing weight…the worst!)

But have no fear…

I’ve got 3 different reasons why you might’ve hit a plateau.

Figuring out which of these reasons is causing your plateau will help you get back on track to losing weight!

1. You’re not eating enough.

Yes, there is a point at which you eat too little and you’re body doesn’t want to let go of that precious fat you’re storing.

If you’re burning significantly more calories than you’re taking in, you’d think that the weight would drop off quicker. Unfortunately, our bodies are not happy when we don’t get enough calories, so it’s not willing to give up our fat stores.

The fix: Add a small snack to your diet. Typically all you need is an extra 100 calories or so and the weight will start dropping off again.

You can also have me analyze your diet. I’ll help you determine if you’re eating enough and if you’re missing any important nutrients! If you are missing any nutrients, I will recommend the healthiest way to introduce them into your personal diet.

2. You’re eating too much.

This usually happens if you’re a mindless eater. You may THINK you’re eating really well, but there might be little things that are sneaking into your tummy.

I used to keep trail mix in my desk at work for a snack. Trail mix is a great snack, but can have a lot of calories. Because I was snacking while working, I didn’t realize that I was eating 2, or 3, or more, servings (which is over 400 calories). The simple truth is: if you don’t pay attention to what you’re eating, you eat too much. Needless to say, now I pack an individual serving of trail mix every day.  

The fix: Practice mindful eating to help you be more aware of everything you’re eating (and how much) throughout the day. Read this post on how mindful eating can help with weight loss.

Working hard to lose weight and then it just STOPS...check out the three most common reasons why you're weight loss has hit a plateau. Kaitlyn @

3. You’re stuck in a workout rut.

Building muscle helps to increase metabolism, so you burn more calories throughout the day, and lose more weight. But if you do the same workouts, then you’re body adapts and you’re metabolism doesn’t continue to increase.

The fix: Switch up your workout routine!

For strength training, try my 10-minute workouts (no equipment needed!). And read this post on why I love my 10-minute workouts.

Need some motivation for more cardio, join my private Facebook group. It’s filled with inspiration ladies; we all keep each other going throughout the week. And many of us do Fitbit challenges together, which makes working out so fun!

Share with me in the comments below: So which of these is causing your weight loss plateau? Or is it something else? 

Still unsure why you’re not losing weight? Let’s work together to review your diet and get your weight loss back on track!

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  1. I may want you to analyze my diet when you have time. I think I’m working out enough. I’m probably not eating enough calories ?

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