2017 Fitness Challenge


Looking for a New Year's Resolution? January 2017 Fitness Challenge will kick start your year with 10 minute daily workouts that will fit into YOUR schedule! Sing up now at SimplifyingNutrition.com

“I should really go to the gym.” “I’ll work out after I run my errands.” “Tomorrow I’m going to work out.” “I won’t be as busy next week, so then I’ll start working out.”

Sound familiar?

Are you sick and tired of finding excuses to NOT workout?

Do you want to finally make exercising a habit that is just another part of your day?

Yes please!

But you may be thinking…how am I ever going to have time for this?!

All you need is 10 minutes a day. I promise. Just 10 minutes. (Here’s more on why 10-minutes is really all you need.)

Don’t believe me? Here’s my story:

About 6 weeks ago, I was writing a post about setting goals to make lifelong changes (you can check it out here). I was thinking of an example I could use, and of course, realistic examples are always the best. So I thought about what health change I wanted to make, which ended up being exercising, and set my goal.

Ever since then, I’ve been working out for 10 minutes every morning before I go to work. 

And even though it’s only 10 minutes, I typically am breaking a sweat by the end, and I’m sore almost every single day!

This is definitely one of the most beneficial changes I’ve made to my lifestyle. I don’t put it off because I do it first thing in the morning. I don’t make excuses to not work out because it’s only 10 minutes. And since I workout every work day, it’s become part of my routine.

Now I want YOU to participate in this challenge with me, so that exercise can be a part of YOUR daily routine.

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